Virtual Trivia Night

Trivia Night #2

Our first Trivia Night was a smashing success! We heard you and added a second event in February!

SPEF is working with Trivia LA, the host of many trivia nights around LA, to host our virtual evening of competition.

You can join as an individual or bring together a team to participate. A team can have as many people as desired; there is no maximum. However, it is recommended that a team have no more than eight members.

SPEF will give out Spirit Awards for energy and enthusiasm, in the form of funny team names, fantastic team costumes, and zany Zoom backgrounds. The winners of the competition will receive SPEF swag and bragging rights around town.

The competition is open to everyone.

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Virtual Trivia Night

  • Date: February 26, 2021

  • Time: 7:00-9:00 PM

  • Cost:



  • Location: Virtually


The event will be conducted by Trivia LA live online through Zoom. A Zoom link will be emailed to participants the morning of the event.

4 rounds takes 1 hour and 15 minutes – 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

Individual Option: You play on your own or with the members of your household on one device.  You will not have access to a breakout room and will remain in the main Zoom room during the game.

Team Option: You and friends/family from different locations and devices play together as a team.  You will have access to a breakout room where your team will be sent to brainstorm answers to questions.  

Although there is no “maximum” number of players for a team, to get the most from the game, we strongly recommend that teams be no larger than 8 people. This keeps the team competitive without making it hard for people to communicate with each other in their breakout room. 

No, as long as a team member has a device with internet access, they can join the game whether it be from across town or across the country.  This is a great way to get together with friends and family!

No.  Because there is limited space for this event, we encourage you to sign up as soon as you can before the event sells out and submit your team information later if needed.  You have until Monday, February 22nd to submit the names of your team members.

Team-leaders, add your team information here:

Yes, but the questions, although not inappropriate, are geared towards adults and may seem “boring” to kids.  But, if you have a child who would like to participate, feel free to include them. 

There will be 4 rounds of questions.  For each round, everyone will start in the main Zoom room as the Trivia Hosts reads the questions for the round.  Once the Trivia Host finishes the questions, the teams will go into their breakout rooms to brainstorm about the answers.  The teams will be given 5-10 minutes to brainstorm and submit their answers.  Once time is up, all teams will return to the main Zoom room where the Trivia Host reveals the answers.  Results and standings will be calculated and shown after the Trivia Host reveals the answers.  We’ll also have raffle prizes and Spirit Awards!

The Trivia Host will provide a link to an online answer sheet at the beginning of the competition.  One person from each team will be responsible for accessing the answer sheet, writing the team’s answers, and submitting the answer sheet for each round.

Yes, any device that can access the internet can be used to play the game.  However, to fully enjoy the game, we strongly recommended that you use a device with a large screen.  This will allow you to more clearly “see” other teams in the main Zoom room as well as your own team members in the breakout room.  Also, you will need a keyboard if you are writing/submitting the answers for your team.

SPEF will give “Spirit Awards” (wine, SPEF swag, and/or a shout-out on social media) for teams that exhibit energy and enthusiasm whether it be in the form of a fun team name, team costumes, or creative Zoom backgrounds.  Each team will be asked to take a screenshot of their breakout room, upload it to Instagram, and tag @SPEF4kids.  The teams showing the most “spirit” in their screenshot will be given a Spirit Award. 

This game is intended to be a fun way to get together with friends and family, as well as be a fundraiser for SPEF.  The “prize” is bragging rights in the community.

No, the point of the game is to test how much people know off the tops of their heads, not how fast they can Google the answer to a trivia question.  Please don’t ruin the fun by cheating or “shouting” out the answer in the Zoom main room.

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