Afterschool Enrichment Programs

SPEF offers fall and spring after school classes at our three SPUSD elementary schools and at SPMS for current SPUSD students.

For our younger students, offerings include hour-long classes in Cooking, Art, various Sports, Music Appreciation, Science & Technology.  For older students, classes include Chess, Lego Robotics, Magic Academy, and Art.  Most Spring classes start the week of February 18.

Spring Afterschool Classes Begin:

  • February 18 week.

Spring Intensive Classes Begin: 

For parents who want a more intensive experience for their students, we have extended sessions for Robotics and Mandarin Languages.

  • Middle School Robotics/CoderZ Academy: January 29
  • Mandarin Immersion: January 27 & 29
  • Monterey Hills Robotics: January 30

Afterschool Details

  • Spring Classes

    Fall Classes Begin: Next Year Fall 2020

    Spring Intensives Begin:

    • Robotics/CoderZ Academy: 1/29/20
    • Mandarin Immersion: 1/27/20
    • Monterey Hills Robotics: 1/30/20
  • Spring Registration

    Registration Now Open!

Afterschool Sponsors

AV: Science Tuesdays! (2-5)
AV: Soccer Pros (K-2)(3-5)
AV: Young Doctors (K-3)
AV: Coding Workshop (3-6)*
AV: Piper Computers (3-5)
AV: Samy’s Camera Camp (2-5)
AV: Art of Gaudi (2-5)
AV: Basketball (K-3)
AV: Book Club (1-2)
AV: LEGO Robotics (3-5)
AV: Chess (2-5)
AV: Tennis (K-2/3-5)
AV: Video Game Design (2-5)
MAR: DI Mandarin Homework Help
MAR: Mandarin Language (Beg/Int/Adv)
MAR: Tennis (K-2/3-5)MAR: African Dance (K-3)
MAR: DI Mandarin Homework Help
MAR: Coding Workshop (3-6)*
MAR: Mandarin Language (Beg/Int/Adv)
MAR: Superhero Science (2-4)
MAR: Kids Cook Eat (1-4)
MAR: Soccer Pros (K-2/3-5)
MAR: Marine Biology (K-5)
MAR: STEM Race Cars (1-5)
MHS: Basketball (K-3)
MHS: Magic Academy (1-4)
MHS: Piper Computers (3-5)
MHS: Chinese Culture (K-5)
MHS: Coding Workshop (3-6)*
MHS: Soccer Pros (K-2/3-5)
MHS: Robotics Academy (3-6)MHS: RoboQ (K-3)
MHS: Young Entrepreneurs (2-5)
SPMS: Homework Club (6-10)SPMS: Coding Workshop (3-6)*
SPMS: Homework Club (6-10)
SPMS: Robotics/Coding Academy