SPUSD teachers have done it again!

Every school year, the SPEF Teacher Direct Grant committee solicits proposals from teachers district wide to request funding for their creative ideas to enhance existing curricular activities or generate new ones. The goal of the TDG program is to fund activities that teachers believe will work best for their students, in their classrooms.
For the 2019-20 academic year, SPEF awarded $50,000 to 36 applicants; all five schools were represented. Some awards are given to a single class, while others benefit a whole grade or even an entire school. The awards will fund a range of new projects, and out-of-the-box initiatives, or may simply go toward new supplies and other required materials for existing successful programs.
Among the awarded applications: STEM kits at MHS, audio and video equipment at SPHS, cooking/culinary supplies for SPMS and MHS, interactive science and history programs at Marengo, targeted reading and other programs for disadvantaged or special education students at AV and SPMS, music and dance gear at MHS, SPHS and SPMS, energy and electricity teaching material at SPMS, broadcast, multimedia, and photography equipment at SPMS and SPHS, escape room equipment for SPMS, and hundreds of books, magazines and other reading material for the whole system.