SPEF Grant Applications Are Open

Teacher Direct Grant Deadline is October 2, 2019

The South Pasadena Educational Foundation offers the Teacher Direct Grant Program to encourage the enhancement and enrichment of educational activities in order to develop and cultivate student achievement. These grants are offered to help fund activities that are innovative and have a far-reaching effect. The Teacher Direct Grant Program is in place to further SPEF’s mission to support educational excellence in the public schools of South Pasadena through the operation of enrichment programs.

This application process is not closed and is in the evaluation stage. SPEF will announce the winners in November.

SPEF Major Grants Application Deadline is December 2, 2019

The SPEF board reserves a significant pool of money each year to help launch or sustain ambitious projects — whether it be new course offerings, instructional equipment or staff training — that the district could not otherwise afford. The board’s Major Grants Committee solicits applications from school administrators for one-time or multi-year funding; the applications must address specific objectives, lay out the activities that will be undertaken to achieve those objectives and provide a timeline. The committee evaluates the proposal’s potential short- and long-term impact as well as the sustainability of the program. And once the funds are awarded, the committee follows up with formal progress reports to measuring whether the project delivered the outcomes the district sought.

Major Gifts Application